A NON-PROFIT Organization

​​Tyler Baker Photography

Tyler Baker Photography is a ​Non-Profit Organization based in Alberta, Canada. 

Our vision is to be the first choice and most trusted photography partner of both artists seeking to promote their creative endeavours and organizations seeking to align their brand with the arts and community. 

Our mission as a social and cultural enterprise is to use our expertise in composition, lighting, and storytelling to co-create images which are “about” rather than “of” the  people and organizations we partner with. In doing so we contribute to both their success and to the sustainability and vibrancy of cultural diversity which we define as any art form or expression that is outside the dominant paradigm in any particular community.​

• We believe passionately in the power of the arts to enrich our lives.
• We believe there is much strength and resilience to be found in cultural diversity.
• We believe that our communities are a better place when people are exposed to the arts and cultures from all over the world.
• We believe in the power and inspiration of true artistic collaboration.
• We are committed to promoting the rich diversity of cultures present in Alberta and beyond.

                                     TYLER BAKER                                                                                                        CECILIA FERREYRA