​​Tyler Baker Photography

​​​Our latest Collaboration
A NON-PROFIT Organization

Tyler Baker Photography is a Canadian registered Non-Profit Organization that supports cultural diversity in dance, music, and other art forms by providing professional-quality images to artists without access to them. These professional-quality artistic images help the artists in promoting their creative endeavors and establishing their Brand.

We pride ourselves on creating images which are “about” our talent, rather than “of” them, using our expertise in composition, lighting, and storytelling. What distinguishes our images is their artistic quality; we think of portraiture as an art.  

We are also interested in pursuing portrait sessions with patrons who share our vision for the arts, as well as interesting personal work projects where there is a unique story to tell.

We are available for Commercial and Editorial assignments; the proceeds of which will be fully allocated to the furtherance of our non-profit activities. In addition, our images may be licensed for commercial use. 

We are looking to expand the reach of the non-profit to support even more artists. Which artists do you know who may benefit from a collaboration with our Non-Profit?