Viva Brazil! Selected to be the official photographer for a celebration of Brazilian arts and culture at the Art Gallery of Alberta, Sept 25, 2015.

Selected to be the official photographer for the Mas Band Launch of CariWest Fest 2016!! a celebration of Caribbean culture May 13, 2016.

Yoga as Healing Project exhibited at Latitude 53 gallery from October 21 to November 5 2016 and at McMullen Gallery May and June 2017

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CREDO Exhibit: 17 selected photographs to be displayed at Credo Coffee in Downtown Edmonton starting Jan 4th 2016.

It is through our faces that we tell the world what we are feeling and thinking. The photographer's challenge is to bring out what the person in front of them is REALLY feeling and thinking.

Cultural events allow people to come together to celebrate heritage and diversity and build community. For the photographer moments of spontaneity, creativity and interaction make for wonderful images.

Growing up as a young surfer (grommet) I used to stare with awe at the images in surfing magazines of Oahu's North Shore. Here are my "new" favorites from my annual pilgrimage to the North Shore.

Since Ansell Adams introduced the world to the great American (and Canadian) Landscape, photographs of the natural world have held a special place in peoples' hearts. These images are  special places from my travels through NZ and North America.

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