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Tyler Baker

Born in New Zealand, I have been living in Canada and USA for the last 13 years while pursuing my passion for artistic photography.

My true passion is portraiture. This emerged from a workshop I attended with California-based photographer Greg Gorman in May 2015. Greg's aesthetic has had a significant role in shaping my style.  My images focus on the interplay between shadow and light and my philosophy is to keep the images as honest- to-capture as possible, avoiding over processing or worse, manipulation.

To me a portrait must describe in an authentic way the character, purpose or passion of the person in front of my camera, whether that be in the studio, the enviroment or during a performance. 

Through artisitc collaborations, I have had opportunities to showcase the colour, energy and vibrance of Brazilian culture.

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? let my lens tell your story.

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